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Collective effort needed to end COVID-19 says Abdul Samad Rabiu

APRIL 20, 2020

LAGOS - The Executive Chairman/Founder of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu has called on Nigerians to join effort with the government to put a lasting end to the Coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world.

Abdul Samad Rabiu in a 2-minute video done in collaboration with the African Philanthropy Forum said the COVID-19 circle can be broken collectively as united country if outlined precautionary measures are strictly observed.

According to Abdul Samad, “Africa is recording an increasing number for COVID-19 cases daily and we cannot afford to enable the spread. “If there is anything we have learnt about this virus, it is that it does not respect race, gender, religion, ethnicity or status.

“One thing is certain - We can break the cycle if we all come together and fight this virus.
No one person can do it alone. Now more than ever, we need each other and we need to come together and fight this virus.

“Let us observe social distancing, wash your hands regularly, follow the instructions of health authorities and report any suspected cases immediately.

“Each one of us must play our part and we can win this fight against COVID-19. “I am committed to this fight, are you?” Abdul Samad added.

So far, BUA has committed about N3 billion in cash, foodstuff and medical supplies to the fight against COVID-19.
This includes its N1.3 billion cash donation to the CACOVID private sector coalition against COVID-19 and some state governments, construction of an isolation centre in Kano as well as donations of foodstuff to various initiatives, including the Foodclique/Noella Foundation Emergency FoodBox Initiative that has provided up to 300,000 meals during this period.