BUA Cement

BUA Cement

Some of your Questions:

Q. How do I register as a BUA Cement Distributor?

To become a BUA Cement Distributor, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department @ BUA Cement Admin Office, Nigerian Ports Authority, Area 1, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Telephone: 234-84-863954, 7061220565, 8023837618, 08033772685. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q. What is the daily sales record and tones produced per day?

A daily sales record per day is averagely 200 trucks while tonnes produced per day (all things being equal) are between 3,600mt and 3,900mt which is about 120 to 130 trucks.


Q. What is the level of patronage and demand of BUA Cement?

The level of patronage and demand is excellent. It is the most popular brand in the whole f South/South and South/East. Controls more than 50% of the cement market in the two regions and is gradually making inroads into the north, especially Kano and Maiduguri.


Q. What are the future plans of BUA Cement as a whole?

The future plans of BUA Cement is to reach everywhere within the country. Currently, there is a Cement bagging plant being reconstructed inside BUA Ports and Terminals. On completion, the bagging plant together with the floating factory can also be moved to another area of high demand.

With the acquisition of Sokoto Cement and Edo Cement, BUA has launched itself into full scale local manufacturing of cement. Maintenance work and increasing of more production lines are currently taking place in the two factories. This will make BUA brand more visible in the northern parts and around the middle belt.

The ultimate goal is to make cement available and affordable to all.


Q. Does BUA Cement have Current Affiliations?

Current affiliations are: Cement Company of Nigeria (Sokoto Cement) and Edo Cement, Okpella.


Q. What makes BUA Cement Brand different from other brands?

BUA Cement brand is different from others because it is of 42.5 as oppose to 32.5 texture grade. This is the highest quality texture which mixes and dries easily. Most companies import lower quality. Our prices are also competitive within the industry and our delivery process is excellent.


Q.What is the minimum quantity in metric tons of BUA Cement I can order?

Minimum quantity per order is determined by categories of distributors as currently structured. Please contact our Sales/Marketing Team for more details.


Q. How about your product price?

Price is currently determined by the forces of demand and supply. However, it is important to confirm the current price before making payments for orders.


Q. How do I place an order for BUA Cement?

An order is placed when a payment in favour of BUA Cement at the current price, made to any of our designated banks is received/confirmed.


Q. How soon after payment can I get delivery of goods at desired location?

We deliver goods to customers immediately after payment is confirmed. However, our distribution is currently limited to direct delivery ashore our floating terminal through conveyors/bagging plant.

BUA Cement is consistently available through the whole year due to our very effective re-order system.


Q. How can cement be stored to prevent caking in a short time?

Avoid contact with water and damp surfaces.

Q. What locations can BUA Cement be found?

BUA Cement is available across Nigeria.