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Our History

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Establishment of BUA International Limited

BUA Group established by Abdul Samad Rabiu


Acquisition of Nigeria Oil Mills Limited

Acquisition of Nigeria Oil Mills Ltd (NOM). NOM was the largest vegetable oil processing company in West Africa as at the time of acquisition


Incorporation of BUA Flour Mill, Lagos and Ports and Terminals

BUA Flour Mill Lagos was incorporated as a fully-owned subsidiary of BUA Group. Milling commenced in August of the same year

BUA Ports & Terminals was Incorporated


Establishment of BUA Flour Mills Kano

BUA Flour Mills Kano started at Bompai Industrial Estate with a capacity of 500 metric tonnes per day – 100% wholly owned by BUA Group.


Laifiagi Sugar Company Acquired.
BUA Cement Incorporated.
BUA Pasta Plant Commissioned.

Golden Oil Limited is acquired by BUA Group and renamed BUA Oil Mills with a factory in Ikeja, Lagos.

BUA Sugar Refinery was commissioned with a 720,000 metric tonnes/annum refinery in Lagos. This makes BUA Sugar the second largest sugar refiner in West Africa as at 2008.

Previously State-owned Lafiagi Sugar Company (LASUCO) was acquired by BUA Group through a privatisation exercise.

BUA Cement was incorporated and commenced operations in the same year through its floating cement terminal, ‘BUA Cement 1’, designed specifically for bulk and bag cement unloading Contract to build the BUA Pasta Plant was signed and work commenced within the same year.


Sokoto and Edo Cement Acquired.
International Quality Award Received.
WAWCMC Award Received. CICAN Award Received

Majority stake holding in Cement Company of Northern Nigeria (Sokoto Cement) and Edo Cement Company are acquired by BUA Group.

International Quality Award 2009 by Business Initiative Directions (BID).

West African World Class Multiservice Conglomerate Award by the Institute of Direct Marketing.

CICAN Crystal Award for Excellence by the Commerce and Industry Correspondence Association of Nigeria (CICAN).


MANCAP Presented to BUA Sugar Refinery.

Mandatory Assessment Certificate Programme, (MANCAP), presented to BUA Sugar Refinery by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).


BUA Pasta Commissioned.
BUA Group/FLSmidth sign contract for new production line.

BUA Pasta was commissioned and integrated with BUA Flour Mills. The factory produced semolina and included a water treatment plant with the capacity to supply the entire factory with purified water.


BUA Group/FLSmidth signed a contract for a 3million mtpa new production line to be sited at Obu, Edo State


$1 billion BUA Obu Cement plant opens in July 2015 with a capacity of 3 million mtpa and construction of the BUA Kalambaina Cement plant in Sokoto

US$1 Billion BUA Obu Cement plant opens in July 2015 with a capacity of 3 million mtpa.

Construction of BUA Kalambaina Cement, Sokoto with 1.5million mtpa capacity commences.


BUA divests its Flour & Pasta Milling assets in a multi million dollar deal
Abdul Samad Rabiu wins Industrialist of the Year Award

BUA divests its Flour & Pasta Milling assets in multi-million-dollar deal with about US$300million

Abdu Samad Rabiu named West African & African Industrialist of the Year by CNBC/All Africa Business Leaders Award


Establishes BUA Rice Outgrowers Scheme for Farmers

Establishes the BUA Rice Outgrowers Scheme for farmers in Kano and Jigawa States, targeting over 100,000 farmers


Kalambaina Cement 1.5 Million mtpa sited within Sokoto Cement Plant is completed

1.5million mtpa BUA Kalambaina Cement plant, Sokoto completed and commissioned


Eastern Sugar Refinery in Port Harcourt, Rivers State is completed.

BUA Kalambaina Cement & Cement Company of Northern Nigeria (CCNN) merged in US$1.1billion transaction.

Eastern Sugar Refinery in Port Harcourt, River State completed.

Abdul Samad Rabiu named amongst Forbes 13 Black Billionaires in the world.


BUA Cement is listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (now Nigeria Exchange Group)


BUA Consolidates its entire foods business into BUA Foods

BUA Group consolidated its Foods division into one entity – BUA Foods